Lizzo Hints At New Relationship On Her 'Last Day In Paradise'

All good things must come to an end, including Lizzo's birthday trip in "paradise." The 33-year-old artist jetted off to a tropical destination after first celebrating her birthday in Las Vegas. On the final day of her vacation, Lizzo took some time to reflect on her life.

On Tuesday (May 4), Lizzo shared a video compiled of clips from her trip on her Instagram account, calling this vacation "the best birthday of all time." In the first clip, Lizzo can be seen cozying up to somebody while wading out into the ocean. Some fans have taken this as a hint she may be in a relationship.

While Lizzo didn't address the clip specifically in her caption, she did talk about receiving plenty of love on her birthday this year. "I love giving, and it’s so hard for me to receive. This year I finally accepted the love people have been waiting to give back to me," she wrote. "I know it’s not easy, but I *implore* you to allow yourself to be loved. The whole world is waiting to give you everything you deserve—you just have to open your arms. Thank you to my friends and family and loved ones, you are all my soulmates I’m so glad to have you. The best days of your life you don’t get twice— so let’s make more!"

Over the past couple of weeks, Lizzo has been documenting her many birthday celebrations on Instagram. From the gorgeous nude photoshoot she posed for with her friends to the beautiful beach vistas, it seems like Lizzo really has been having the best birthday ever.

Photo: Getty