Officer Saves Runaway Horse and Buggy

Amish buggy and runaway horse with no driver were headed towards Sgt. C. Otis Smith

Sgt. Smith and other fellow officers assembled on the side of U.S. Route 250 and were worried if they didn’t stop the horse that a serious accident could ensue.

Smith, part of the Ohio State Highway Patrol in Wayne County, decided to do his duty and jump aboard the buggy and attempt to bring the rig to a stop. 

He was going to have to time it perfectly.  “You have that second when it goes by you and you grab hold [of the buggy] and jump on,” Smith said to the Akron Beacon Journal. “I had to be quick.”

The horse ran about 10 miles before Smith jumped in.   “The horse kicked up and was so exhausted that it collapsed to the ground,” Smith continued.

A veterinarian has checked out the horse and stated the horse was not injured, just tired.



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