Boot Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know

I have worn boots a big chunk of my life and I don't think I have EVER used these tricks!  Guess I'll have to try some this summer!!

1. Spray deodorant on your feet before you put your boots on.

When your feet get hot, they sweat. (Gross, we know.) Since even the tiniest bit of moisture can cause your feet to slip and slide, mist your feet ahead of time with spray antiperspirant to prevent moisture from forming.

2. Tape your toes.

Sounds weird we know. This is more for the girls who wear a snip toe boot. Taping the third and fourth toe together will alleviate strain on a nerve that has a tendency to get pinched when wearing narrow toes or higher heeled boots.

3. Stretch your boots with ice.

Another one that sounds weird, but works! Fill plastic bags with water (make sure they are sealed!) and slip into the toe of the boot. Place in freezer. The water expands as it freezes which will stretch the boots out.

4. Purchase foot pedals. 

A little bit of cushioning can go a long way where comfort is concerned.

5. Sandpaper the soles.

Brand new boot soles are slick! If you aren't careful you could slip and fall. Speed up the worn-in process by gently scrubbing the bottoms with sandpaper. It will be like they've been worn for several weeks.

6. Tea bags are your friends.

Save a few used tea bags and let them dry out. Once dry, toss them into your boots for 24-hours to control odors. Your nose will thank you!

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