2018 Ford Mustang Get New Look

I'm personally partial to the Ford Mustang because when I was growing up we always had a vintage one in the garage.  Although, not fancy like the new Mustangs I have always love that Mustang and all the memories my dad and I enjoyed. 

So enough about me... Let's talk about the NEW Ford Mustang!!

Ford has revealed its new 2018 Mustang sport coupe.  The unveiling took place Tuesday at events in Detroit, New York and Los Angeles.

"The new 2018 Mustang features new LED lights, a lower nose and a new 10-speed automatic transmission, marketing manager Mark Schaller said. The changes are intended to keep the current model of the Mustang, which debuted as a 2015 model, fresh.

The Mustang’s sheet metal is new from the windshield forward, including new fenders and a lower hood with new vents. The front and rear bumpers are new. The tri-bar taillights are reshaped slightly to resemble the chevron front signature lights.

The Mustang GT’s 5-liter V-8 gets more power thanks to the addition of port fuel injection to complement the direct injection it already had. The 2.3-liter turbo four-cylinder will see a torque increase thanks to the same technology.

Ford expects the new injection system and 10-speed automatic transmission to increase the Mustang’s fuel economy,” stated USA Today.


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