Camila Cabello Prioritizes Fashion Line Over Prince in 'Cinderella' Trailer

Photo: YouTube/Amazon Prime Video

Camila Cabello tells a different kind of tale in her version of Cinderella, which saw its trailer drop on Tuesday (August 3).

In the new trailer for the upcoming Amazon Prime film, which drops in September, Cabello leads a modern-day spin on the famed fairytale, where her character wants to build her own fashion empire, instead of meet Prince Charming. While she's still an orphan forced to live with her wicked stepmother (Idina Menzel) and accompany stepsisters (Maddie Baillio and Charlotte Spencer), she goes by the name Ella and is ready to become a seamstress. However, her plans to show off her custom dresses at the ball are ruined when her stepmother bans her from attending. Thankfully, she has her Fab G (Billy Porter) to help her with the hiccup. "Do you want to go to that ball and meet a bunch of rich people who will change your life," he asks at one point in the three-minute trailer, to which she says, "Yes, I was just crying and singing about it two minutes ago."

Still, Ella ends up meeting Prince Charming (Nicholas Galitzine), but she's met with an unexpected response. "I pick you to be my princess," he says, but in a twist of events compared to the original, she's concerned about her work. Scroll on below to watch the trailer in full.

Cinderella was set to be released in theaters via Sony, but the film studio sold the rights to Amazon amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The announcement arrived in May and was preceded by the film's theater release delay due to the lockdown.

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