Trace Adkins in New “Hickok” Movie


Trace Adkins and Kris Kristofferson are reuniting on the silver screen for a new Western called Hickock. After the first trailer for the film premiered last month online, Nash Country Daily has now shared its own behind-the-scenes sneak peek of the July 7 release. 

The minute-long clip features director Timothy Woodward Jr., who previously directed Adkins and Kristofferson in 2016's Traded, talking about the authenticity they bring to their roles. 

"[They are] both really big in the country music scene...Trace Adkins plays such a great bad guy and he's such a gentle soul," Woodward says. "I think Trace has got a really big future in the movies." 

As for Kristofferson, Woodward adds, "Kris is an idol...Kris brings the truth to a Western."

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