Cheyenne’s New RV Park is Officially Open

The Laramie County Fairgrounds is home to a new RV park!  

Guess that means the next time Aunt Beth visits she wont have to take up residents in your house for two weeks.  Tell her to bring her camper and stay at the Laramie County Fairgrounds! 

The Laramie County Fairgrounds RV park even hosted an RV rally this weekend even before opening. 

At the park on Sunday the Cheyenne Jackalopes RV Club held the Red Dale Wagon Train, an annual national roundup. 

Yesterday afternoon the Laramie Country Fair and Fair Board hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony. 

Gary Wisecup, wagon master (president) for the Red Dale Wagon Train, stated “We’ve been trying to get a venue here for the last three or four years so that we can hold this event here.”  

The Red Dale Wagon Train has about 170 to 200 members nationwide with about 138 RVs and currently involves clubs from Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas and South Dakota.

Laramie County Fairgrounds RV Park


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