16 Craziest Things People's Dogs Have Eaten

The craziest thing my dog has eaten was a lemon... We only offered it to see her reaction to the taste.  

But she ate the whole thing!  Haha we weren't expecting that!  (Watch the video below!)

The 16 craziest things people's dogs have eaten:

Hockey puck


Entire plastic garbage can, lid and all

Bottle of fish oil pills

Three uncooked, bone-in chicken breasts

Eighty buffalo wing bones

Entire, uncooked, family-sized Papa Murphy’s pizza, including the cardboard oven tray

Three large pumpkinsAn entire venison haunch

“Our dog ate 2 jars of peanut butter + lids, an ice cream cake, & a chocolate cake. And a tray of grilled asparagus, I guess to be healthier?"

Thirty Pop Tarts

A two-pound ribeye steak, including the Ziploc bag it was stored in

Two tennis balls

AA battery

Half a bag of lime (not the fruit, but the stuff you put on your yard)

“Full pack of cigarettes, half a leather wallet and my ID. He didn't even throw up."

Bag of flour


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