Guy Seeks Fill-in Dad for Father's Day

In Spokane, Washington, a group of twentysomething dudes who live together recently placed a Craigslist ad for a “BBQ Dad” to grill them up some meat on Father’s Day. 

The qualified stand-in dad will have “a minimum of 18 years experience as a father,” and supply his own grill, be able to successfully cook hot dogs and hamburgers, drink beer, and “refer to attendees as Big Guy, Chief, Sport, Champ, etc.” 

Dane Anderson, who posted the ad, and and his buddies are ready for summer and to eat from the grill. But the need some help!

"We just thought it would be a little better because we don't really live with our fathers," said Dane.

Dane says they've already been getting some dads emailing them.

"His name is Jerry but he said we can call him Dave or Bill," Dane said. "There was one guy Stan who sent us a message but then he stopped replying."

"We're just looking for a dad to come and crack a cold one with the boys," says Dane.

Dane says they won't be able to pay their "BBQ Dad" in cash, but they will be providing him with all of the food and cold beer that his heart desires. 

If you know a dad who wants to submit his application, here is the link to the ad: 


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