Farmer Gets Revenge on People Illegally Parking on His Land

In Croatia people were parking on the land of a farmer to visit a flea market nearby.  After a while the farmer finally had enough!

Every Sunday the vendors and visitors for the flea market would park their cars on Pavao Bedeković’s farmland.  They parked there despite his repeated pleas for them to stop.

Bedeković, the farmer, taught them a lesson.   Since he is a farmer he did what all farmers do best - he prepped the field for corn using his tractor.  He plowed rows in between two rows of parked cars.

Lesson here - Don’t mess with a farmer!


"Bedeković helped the cars get back on the road. Some car owners complained to police that their automobiles were damaged. The police response: He told you not to park there, so what’d you expect?" stated Wide Open Country

I guess we will see if they come back next Sunday!


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