New Trojan Condoms Look Strange

 An Indiana University Center for Sexual Health study found 68% of women disagree with the notion that purchasing a condom is solely a man's responsibility. 

The study also found only three percent of women carry a condom regularly and just 18% purchased a condom for their last sexual experience. 

"Ultimately, it impacts two lives for both STIs and unintended pregnancy," says Trojan group brand manager Stephanie Berez. "The responsibility really needs to be with both parties." 

Over the last four years, Trojan has worked on a new product they hope addresses these issues and increases instances of safe sex.

It's called XOXO by Trojan.

A new approach to aesthetics coupled with changes to the actual condom, they believe, will help address that discrepancy which "all comes back to stigma," according to Berez.



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