Remembering Chris LeDoux

While your life ended way too soon, we are grateful for the time you were with us, Chris Ledoux. We pray that your legacy will live on forever.

Today, we honor the memory of Chris LeDoux by sharing our memories of Chris LeDoux, and the ways he touched our life. 

What are your memories? Please let us know!

Remembering Chris LeDoux from our fans:

Rick Morrissette from Burnsville, Minnesota shared:

"Back in 1999, I drew a picture of Chris. After his show at CFD, I was able to meet him briefly and had him sign my drawing. He signed it then took a good look at it and complimented me on it! They really meant something to me."

On our Facebook page, Eileen Walsh shared this photo of Chris LeDoux performing at the Greeley Stampede in 2003. One listener even commented he was at that same show.

Bob Thorming from Kansas City, Missouri shared:

"CFD circa? Coors Banquetbeers were $1.00 and served out of a horse trough! We did talk about the new kid Garth that mentioned him in a song...Jeez I'm old! LOL"


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