Jerky Flowers are the New Trend this Valentines Day

Psh! Who needs real flowers that die after a few days?! Edible meat flowers are way more enjoyable and then you don't have to worry about finding a vase.

They have roses and daises available and both of them look equally delicious. 

I'm hungry just thinking about them!

"For some hungry Valentines, nothing says 'romance' like cured meat. This February 14, forego flowers and send your loved one a bouquet of edible daisies or roses, sculpted from teriyaki, peppered, or original flavor beef jerky.

As The Kitchn reports, a company called Say It With Beef sells the savory blossoms, which come in pint glasses or beer mugs instead of vases. They’re billed as 'brouquets'—a masculine alternative to flowers—but Say It With Beef says their product is technically for everyone, since 'ladies like meat, too.'" stated MentalFloss.


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