Boot Barn in Laramie Closing

The Laramie, Wyoming Boot Barn is closing!  This was the first ever Boot Barn I had ever been in and everyone is always so helpful!  I’m sad to see it close its doors on January 21st according to a corporate Boot Barn Employee.

Jim Watkins, the vice president of investor relations and external reporting for Boot Barn, also mentioned the Laramie branch store will be closing.

Unfortunately, Watkins didn’t give a reason for closing other than the lease at the location had expired and Boot Barn was going to renew.

The Laramie Boot Barn Manager Kimberly Bell stated the branch is closing due to budget cuts.

Watkins did state the two Boot Barn locations in Cheyenne will remain open.

But this worries me… if there are budget cuts does that mean that Boot Barn is struggling? 

I’m an avid Boot Barn shopper.  So I hope this is not the case!

I’m not sure what I would do without Boot Barn!  It’s become a family place for me and I love going into the store and seeing all the nice employees that are always super helpful. 

It’s unfortunate the Laramie Boot Barn is closing their doors. The employees and the store will be truly missed!


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