Woman didn't know she was pregnant going into labor flying to Hawaii

A pregnant woman who didn't know she was pregnant flying from Utah to Hawaii suddenly went into early labor and couldn't have picked a better flight to be on.

Lavinia Mounga was only 29 weeks pregnant and traveling to Honolulu for a family vacation when she felt the baby coming. Luckily for her, there just happened to be a doctor and three neonatal intensive care nurses on the flight. A call went out for a doctor on board, and all four of them jumped into action. 

Despite working in such a tight space on the plane, the team was able to safely deliver the tiny baby boy and continue to care for him for the remaining three hours of the flight. A medical crew was ready to take the new mom and her baby to the hospital as soon as the plane landed. She has already been discharged but her baby will remain in the hospital until he is ready to go home. (ABC News)