Cole Swindell Plays Bartender, Pours A Round Of Shots In Downtown Nashville

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Cole Swindell teamed up with HARDY to take his broke heart down to the bar… and he recruited Travis Denning and Ashley Cooke to show off their acting skills in the new music video that premiered on Tuesday morning (May 24).

“I had so much fun on my ‘Down To The Bar Tour’ with Travis and Ashley out on the road with me this spring,” Swindell said in a statement. “We just carried that good time over to this video and I hope fans can see how much fun that tour was for all of us. This video would not have been the same without them and it’s awesome to have HARDY be such a big part of the song/video as well. They added a lot to the tour and it just felt right to have them in the video that the tour was named after.”

Denning and Cooke play a couple on the rocks, getting into an argument as Denning kicks back with a few beers in front of the TV. When Cooke storms out of the house and gets into her car, Denning appears in the shotgun seat for a ride to Downtown Nashville’s Lower Broadway. Cooke rolls her eyes and drives away as Denning explores some of the city's biggest bars, and takes a shot served by Swindell himself. He also makes a stop in one of Nashville’s boot shops for a fresh wardrobe change before returning to the bar.

“Well, my acting debut is here. Might also be my acting farewell,” Denning said on Instagram with a laugh. Cooke shared the video on her Instagram story, telling cans they can “watch me fake date/hate [Travis Denning] in [Cole Swindell’s] music video…” Swindell is already reminiscing on the experience, saying that the video premiere “kinda makes me wanna go back…” Luke's 32 Bridge, Luke Bryan's restaurant and venue on Lower Broadway that appears in the video, also posted: “Who is coming 'Down To The Bar' this week? Cheers to the new music video, [Cole Swindell].”

Watch the video here:

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