Joe Jonas Wants To Hold Your Hand As You Travel

After a year where people were encouraged to stay home amid the pandemic, the thought of traveling again may bring out new worries and anxieties. As travelers begin to take to the skies, they may wish for a hand to hold, that reassuring touch that "everything's going to be alright." But what if that supportive hand was your favorite celebrity?

Joe Jonas is partnering with Expedia's Helping Hands campaign to help ease worries as people begin traveling again by producing 250 exact replicas of the "Cake by the Ocean" singer's right hand, per Yahoo. Each copy is 3D printed, features custom artwork, and is of course signed and numbered by Jonas himself.

"Who you travel with is so important," Jonas said in an interview with CBS This Morning. "They way I think of it, it can sometimes be a little scary to get back out there now in a safe way, for all of us. And if I can be some sort of lending support and be the helping hand for you ... I'm excited about this."

The replicas are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. If they haven't all been claimed by Jonas Brothers fans, you can fill out a form on Expedia's website to score your very own piece of the "Happiness Begins" singer.

In addition to offering a supportive hand to hold, Expedia is donating $100,000 to Mercy Corps, a global humanitarian aid organization, to help communities that have been hit hard by the pandemic.

Photo: Getty Images