WATCH Toby Keith and Willie Nelson in "Wacky Tobaccy"

Toby Keith has recruited Willie Nelson for his new single “Wacky Tobaccy,” which is out today. 

“Wacky Tobaccy is a slogan, a saying that’s been around forever and no one has ever put it in a song,” Keith says in a press release about the track. 

“When we were working on it, somebody asked if the saying has ever been written in a song and I said, ‘no, but they will now.’” 

Keith goes on to explain that he’s had a “long-standing friendship” with notorious pothead Nelson. 

In fact, Keith previously wrote a song titled “Weed With Willie”--that was inspired by a real-life incident in which he didn’t react well after smoking some pot with the country legend.

Toby Keith will be at the Greeley Stampede in Colorado next Saturday July 1st!  

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