How Do Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Stay Looking So Good?

posted by Ally Hart -

Tim McGraw (50) and Faith Hill (49) are still catching eyes and staying fit.

The Idaho Statesman stated the Soul2Soul Tour lead chef, Rob White, called in a lengthy order of greens to Peaceful Belly Farms for Tim and Faith’s tour stop in Boise on May 25.

Here's the list:


Salad Mix

Baby Chard

Green Baby Kale


Baby Ming Qui

Baby Joy Choi

Green Garlic

Turnip Bunch

Radish Bunch



I don't even know what some of those things are!  And I would have no hope in finding them at the store.

“Yeah, [Tim and Faith are] eating greens, because that’s how you look like that,” said Peaceful Belly Farm co-owner Josie Erskine. “You’re not going to look like that if you’re not eating healthy.”

Guess you have to eat your greens!



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