How Do Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Stay Looking So Good?

Tim McGraw (50) and Faith Hill (49) are still catching eyes and staying fit.

The Idaho Statesman stated the Soul2Soul Tour lead chef, Rob White, called in a lengthy order of greens to Peaceful Belly Farms for Tim and Faith’s tour stop in Boise on May 25.

Here's the list:


Salad Mix

Baby Chard

Green Baby Kale


Baby Ming Qui

Baby Joy Choi

Green Garlic

Turnip Bunch

Radish Bunch



I don't even know what some of those things are!  And I would have no hope in finding them at the store.

“Yeah, [Tim and Faith are] eating greens, because that’s how you look like that,” said Peaceful Belly Farm co-owner Josie Erskine. “You’re not going to look like that if you’re not eating healthy.”

Guess you have to eat your greens!


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