WATCH: Keith Urban's Cover of Miranda Lambert's 'Vice'

ā€œIā€™m gonna play you a snippet of a song that I love at the moment,ā€ Urban says before he starts singing.

"'I've never played this, so Miranda bear with me, but this is a great song. Even if it is weird that a guy is holding shoes in his hand at 7 a.m.,' Keith Urban jokes of the morning-after exit, before launching into a cover of Miranda Lambert's single, "Vice." 

Shot backstage at Nashville's Grand Ole Opry for the Radio Replay series, the black-and-white video complements Urban's pensive vocals. 

Adding to the cover's gloomy spirit is the way his guitar slips ever-so-slightly out of tune ā€“ an unintentionally fitting touch for the tune's theme of shrugging self-destruction," states Rolling Stone.



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