National Average Cost of a Wedding Hits Over $35,000

Want to blow an entire year's salary on a really great party? Just get married! 

The Knot reports that the average cost per American wedding has soared to a new high of $35,329, up from $32,641 a year ago. 

But prices vary based on where you get hitched: 

In Manhattan (NYC), you’ll pay an average of $78,464, whereas Arkansas newlyweds will only drop about $19,522. 

Here in Wyoming I'm sure it's close to our neighbors like Nebraska and Idaho and around $23,000. Unless you want to get hitched in Jackson Hole or the Tetons. Those area tend to more expensive.

Generally speaking, it’s really expensive to tie the knot on the east coast, in Chicago or in California, with the biggest share of dough dropped on venue rental, not the engagement ring.


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