Tostitos' New Bag Can Tell If You've Been Drinking

It’s just in time! I’m ready for the biggest snacking and drinking holiday of the year… Super Bowl Sunday!

Tostitos is launching a new bag of chips that doubles as a breathalyzer.

Tostitos has created a new bag of chips that can detect when you've been drinking and even request an Uber for you to get home safely. Yes! I’m not kidding!

“The limited-edition “Party Safe” bag is meant to discourage drinking and driving, and will even provide those with a trace of alcohol on their breath with a $10 Uber code on the day of the big game. The company promises it comes equipped with an alcohol sensor that, when breathed into, will turn red if alcohol is detected and green if it’s not,” stated Time.

The "Party Safe" bag features sensors that can detect trace amounts of alcohol on your breath. If the package detects alcohol, a red steering wheel will flash on the front with the message, "Don't drink and drive." Then, all you have to do is tap the bag with your phone and it'll request an Uber ride for you, thanks to built-in NFC (near-field communication) technology. It even comes with a $10 Uber credit. Yes, all that in a bag of chips.

Unfortunately, Tostitos' announcement makes no mention of how you can actually get your hands on one of the limited-edition bags, but there's a chance you can at least get the free $10 Uber credit.

 As always, be safe out there. Oh, and be sure to eat plenty of nachos.



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