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YES or NO Question: Multi-Tasking During Mattress Mambo?!

Posted June 6th, 2014 @ 2:52am by Scott and Sadie

According to a new survey, here are some statistics on how having a TV in the bedroom can help your love life:

  • 74% of people admit to having a TV in their bedrooms.
  • Those who have TVs in their bedrooms report having sex an average of two times a week, while those without TVs have sex once a week, on average.
  • 67% of those who have TVs in their bedrooms believe the TV leads them to have a healthier and more frequent sex life.

Why does having a TV in the bedroom lead to a better sex life? Here were the most common reasons given by the survey's respondents:

  • 37% said it's because having a TV in the bedroom lets them watch erotic programming with their partners in bed.
  • 32% said they like being able to have sex and watch their favorite shows simultaneously.
  • 29% said they like distracting their partner while watching a boring TV show.

This absolutely boggles our mind, so we must riddle you with questions that we hope you use your Facebook login in the comments section below to answer...

  • Scott thinks a TV in the bedroom is a bad idea. The bedroom is where you sleep and have adult private time. The PG rated YES or NO Question: "Do you allow a TV in the bedroom?" We've never been much on PG.
  • Have you ever watched a naughty-naughty show with your partner? Because we just find that awkward.
  • 29% of respondents liked being a pain-in-the-ass and pestering their partner during their favorite TV show. We call this pity sex. How about you?
  • Finally, the one that most greatly piques our interest and brings about the official YES or NO Question: 32% said they like being able to have sex and watch their favorite shows simultaneously. What?! 

That last one is the ultimate insult. Multi-tasking during mattress mambo. Shouldn't you be SOOOOO in to it that nothing else enters your brain. Really?! "Honey, you have fun, I'm watching House of Cards?!" 

Comment - If you caught your partner multi-tasking during mambo wouldn't it make you mad?! YES or NO Question...

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Poll: YES or NO Question: Have you or your partner ever multi-tasked while doing the mattress mambo?
*****end poll*****

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