The Oak Ridge National Laboratory has pulled the plug on a proposed "Southern Accent Reduction" class after some employees complained that they found it offensive. The six-week course was going to be taught by an "accent reduction trainer" and students were going to learn to speak in a more neutral accent so they could "be remembered for what you say and not how you say it." In response to the cancellation, an ORNL spokesperson explained, "It probably wasn’t presented in the right way and made it look like ORNL had some problem with having a Southern accent, which of course we don’t. That was not the intent at all.”

So here is the conclusion we jump to: If this Oak Ridge lab place wants to aid attendees in eliminating their southern accent, that must assume that southern accents make one appear stupid. The big leap in judgement on our part: Southern accents make you dumb.

With that leap explained, we formulate today's YES or NO Question: 

Poll: YES or NO Question: Do southern accents make the speaker appear dumb?