HIGHLIGHTS:  According to a new survey, the thing that's most likely to start an argument in the car is GETTING LOST.  Followed by speeding, not asking for directions, loud kids, and yelling at other drivers.

FULL STORY: A recent survey found that the place couples are most likely to argue is the CAR.  So a new poll asked for the thing that's most likely to START that argument.  And yes, number one is getting lost.  Here are the top ten.

1. Getting lost.

2. Speeding.

3. Not asking for directions.

4. Dealing with loud kids in the backseat.

5. The person behind the wheel yelling at other drivers.

6. The temperature.

7. Where to stop for food.

8. The music you want to listen to.

9. What you're talking about, because you want to change the subject.

10.Driving too slowly.