According to a former Navy SEAL, here are the four things you should do if you think someone's about to attack you.  First, increase your distance . . . then stand behind something like a table or a car, so you have more time to react . . . find an escape route . . . and only defend yourself as a last resort.  Otherwise, run.

Specifically, he means if someone is stalking you or trying to rob you.  Here are the four things you should do, in this order.

1.  Increase your distance.  The farther away you are, the more time you have to react if they DO attack.

2.  Introduce a barricade.  Meaning stand behind something, so it's between you and the threat.  And the bigger the better.  So a table is better than a chair, and a car is better than a table.  Again, the point is to give yourself more time to react.

3.  Look for a way to escape.  Scan the area for exits, or look for someone who might be able to help you.

4.  Only fight as a last resort.  Which doesn't mean you shouldn't defend yourself if you need to.  You SHOULD.  And you should fight like your life DEPENDS on it.  Meaning hair-pulling, eye-gouging, and groin-kicking are all viable options.  But the safest thing to do is RUN . . . and find help.

Of course, the direction we take it is one of honor. Bottom line: Ladies, do you want your man defending you? This dude is a NAVY (EFF-ING) SEAL! Those guys are bad-asses. And he says RUN!

Yes or no question for the ladies - you are out with your man and cornered by a couple thugs. Do you want your man defending your honor or do you want to run like girls?

Poll: YES or NO Question: In an attacker situation, do you want your man defending you?