Here are some random facts for you . . .

1.  Asia has a larger surface area than the moon.  Asia is 17.2 million square miles, the moon is 14.6 million square miles.

2.  Megan Fox and the Olsen Twins are the same age . . . 28 years old.  Megan was born May 16, 1986 . . . the Olsen Twins were born June 13, 1986.

3.  The official state vegetable of Oklahoma is . . . the watermelon.  The senator who proposed it says it comes from the cucumber family, so it should be classified as a vegetable, not a fruit.  The National Watermelon Promotion Board says it's BOTH.

4.  The record holder for most Grammys won is . . . Sir Georg Solti, obviously.  He's a Hungarian-British conductor who conducted the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for 22 years and won 31 Grammys.

5.  An average of 350 slices of pizza are sold in the U.S. every second.