Lorie Hill Mugshot
Lorrie Hill
Photo Courtesy Wagoner Police Department

HIGHLIGHTS:  A 49-year-old woman in Oklahoma showed up to her first day of work as a high school teacher on Monday . . . hammered on vodka and not wearing pants.  School doesn't start until Thursday, but the teachers had to be there Monday . . . and she wound up getting arrested for public intoxication.

FULL STORY:  I really feel for any kids who have to go back to school ALREADY.  But at least the kids at one school have this once-in-a-lifetime, legendary moment to carry them through classes in early August.

49-year-old Lorie Ann Hill was a new teacher at Wagoner High School in Wagoner, Oklahoma.  The classes start today, and the teachers had to report Monday.

Lorie showed up at 9:00 A.M. on her first day at the new school HAMMERED on vodka . . . and not wearing PANTS.

Someone called the cops . . . and by the time they got there she'd put pants on but was still clearly drunk.  She managed to dodge a DUI charge because no one saw her drive to the school drunk . . . but she was arrested for public intoxication.

There's no word on whether the school fired her, but we're ASSUMING she isn't there teaching right now.