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Cheyenne's Wide Open Country

Drew Carpenter


NASA Makes a Music Video?

Your Tax Dollars at Work.. Thanks NASA!
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Wind Blows Waterfall UP the Mountain

Well that's a first.
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A Real Hoverboard.. Finally.

Back To The Future wasn't that far off!
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Watch What Happens When You Fire A Ball At Sixty MPH Out Of A Truck Traveling Sixty MPH In The Opposite Direction

Because Why Not?
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Hammerhead Shark vs Kayak

He just wanted to say hello! 
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Dog Imitates Fire Truck

This dog has talent! 
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Dolphin Slams Paddle Boarder

And I thought dolphins were suppose to be nice! 
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Foo Fighters vs Wesboro Baptist Church

Just proving once again that the Foo Fighters are one of the classiest bands out there. To provide contrast, enter the Westboro Baptist Church, because someone has to be the worst and the WBC does...
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What's It's Like To Be Inside A Water Balloon?

6 Foot Man - 6 Foot Balloon
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You Think Our Mosquitos are bad?

I'll just take an OFF shower now.
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