I wasn't gonna share a whole lot about this big day.. Mostly because I didn't think anyone would really care to hear about it ha! But.. I've been getting asked a lot of questions so I thought I'd open up and share a bit.. 

It was almost GO TIME! Just as we were about to get started with the most important ceremony of my life.. I found out that we were short a plug in for my buddy Richie Law and his dad Chuck to sing us down the isle.. Without enough plugs this thing wasn't going to happen! I was already nervous as hell.. This happening seconds before It started had my freaked! Luckily the jack of all trades, McLovin was on the case and made everything work perfectly! THANKS BOB! Breathing again.. In.. Out.. OK.

I felt like I was handling the stress of this event fairly well.. Until we started the walk down the isle.. At that moment every possible emotion hit me all at once! I was scared, nervous, intimidated.. But most of all I was over joyed that this day had finally come.. I've literally waited 15 years to be able to call this amazing girl my wife.. And That moment was now. Long story long, as all of these emotions hit me I couldn't control the tears running down my face.. Yup, straight water works folks.. Dirty yelled at me because he almost cried too HA! She didn't cry though.. Hard ass! LOL I found out later it was because she was had just slammed a couple of adult beverages to calm her nerves.. Guess I should have too.. Lesson learned! HAHA Ceremony went absolutely perfect.. And honestly flew by! I have many more stories and pix to share.. So check back all this week for more :)