Love funny stories like this.. Ready? OK..

American idiot Tucker Blandford recently called his British fiancee, Alex Lanchester, with some bad news. Pretending to be his dad, Blandford falsely informed Lanchester that her groom-to-be had committed suicide. But when the 23-year-old phoned Blandford's mom in the States to offer her condolences, not only did she have no idea her son had committed suicide (because he hadn't), but she had no clue the pair were engaged to be married. Blandford had been living away from Lanchester in America for months, and apparently got cold feet. But not as cold as he led her to believe. "I'm really glad I'm not going to be married to a low-life scumbag who's going to fake his own death," said Lanchester. Right on sista! What a dumba$$.. Seriously!!