Bobby Bones Show Recap Friday, August 22, 2014

Start of Show

Bobby began the show by telling a story of a pageant mom in Florida who fed her daughter tapeworms so she will lose weight.


Lunchbox’s Bonehead Story of the Day

Police: Iowa Mom Shoots 6-year-Old Son with BB Gun


Ray’s Big 3

James Foley Beheading: 'Isis is a Bigger Threat to the US Than Al-Qa’ida', Pentagon Warns


Gov. Nixon Pulls National Guard from a Calmer Ferguson


'Miraculous Day' as American Ebola Patients Released


Talking About Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw will be in studio soon-Bobby said he’s a cool dude for being such a superstar. Bobby said that Tim is the artist who got Bobby turned onto Country music, he used to listen with his grandmother.

Amy’s Sports Minute

Amy mentions she knows who will win the 2015 Super Bowl and even has the exact scores. Johnny Manziel is not starting quarterback due to flipping off the entire sidelines. St. Louis Cardinals, Pat Neshek gave John Lackey #41 (Neshek’s old uniform number) and in return got an autographed Babe Ruth baseball from Lackey.  

Amy’s 90 Second Skinny

iHeart Radio survey results of best female role model in music is Carrie Underwood. 17.2% was her winning percentage. Most chill dude voted was Pharrell. Pamela Anderson is not doing the ice bucket challenge due to the ALS Association doing animal testing.

Taylor Swift’s Shake if Off

Bobby mentioned that her new song, Shake if Off has been stuck in his head and said that this video is the first time he thought about having a crush on her. He thought the “breakers gonna breake” line was “bakers gonna bake”-the crew agreed that bakers gonna bake is better.

What Year Was It

Emily from Tampa, FL is the caller.

Song: Holes in the Floor of Heaven – Steve Wariner

Movie: Saving Private Ryan

News: TRL, Total Request Live, is broadcast live for the first time on MTV.

Emily chose LB, who chose year 1998. Bobby had 1998. Amy had 1999.

Emily won, the year was 1998.

Tim McGraw in Studio

Tim thought that Bobby is in the illuminati. Tim said that he has really just been busy with touring and Bobby said that he knows guys that tour with Tim and asked if Tim really makes them workout 4 hours a day. Tim said it is not a requirement, he doesn’t make them but they’re welcome to join him. Bobby asked if Tim had heard of the Raging Idiots, Tim had and mentioned they should tour with him for a show. When Bobby asked if his daughter will be a singer, Tim said he wants his daughter to have a doctor title before her name, but thinks she really wants to be a singer and she loves the Dixie Chicks. Tim mentioned he has been flying for about 5 years and waited until he stopped drinking to start. He also said that was a good time because he could focus his attention and flying. He said that being backstage isn’t that cool because there is a lot of downtime and flying helps that. Faith Hill walks in to surprise Tim. Bobby asked her if she has ever listened and she swears she does while taking kids to school. Tim and Faith say that even though they’ve been married for 18 years, they’re still hot for each other. She cried when she first heard the song Meanwhile Back at Mama’s and Tim knew he wanted Faith on the song with her. Bobby asked if Faith’s last name is McGraw, she said yes that everything is McGraw but publically goes by Hill. Tim said that the rumors are nothing new, they have been going on since 6 months after they were married. Faith suggests stop buying the magazines and they will stop printing the rumors.

Tell Me Something Good

Rescuers Save Woman Trapped In Minivan As Arizona Flood Waters Engulf It


The heartwarming moment an airport mechanic uses his tools to help quadruple amputee war vet fix his broken prosthetic leg


99-Year-Old Makes Clothes for Charity Every Day


Amy’s Adoption Process

The agency made Amy go to a black church so she could be the minority and she has been researching how to explain to her kids that they may be treated differently due to race. Bobby had Charlemagne talk to Amy on the phone regarding the topic that police may treat her kids differently due to their skin color. He told her to not teach them about their different skin color, just to raise them and teach them to be good people. Bobby mentioned that Amy will need help doing the girl’s hair and asked if he can help teach her that since she will be adopting one girl and one boy.

Friday Morning Dance Party

Bobby played a mix of songs, recent and older, for the dance party, including Taylor Swift’s new song Shake it Off and Girl in Your Truck Song by Maggie Rose. Don’t forget we have dance parties on Fridays, so feel free to tweet (@MrBobbyBones) or comment your requests for next week’s!

Ice Bucket Challenge Videos

Lunchbox mentioned that firefighters got electrocuted helping students with an ice bucket video.


Harry Potter Courtesy of Lunchbox

Bobby plays 50 Cent challenging Floyd Mayweather to a “read off” instead of an ice bucket challenge. In the video, 50 Cent challenges Mayweather to read a Harry Potter chapter without messing up. Bobby challenged Lunchbox and said he would donate to a charity if he successfully completes it without messing up. Lunchbox messed up on the world “owlery” after a few sentences…and doesn’t do much better throughout the page.

Bobby in Trouble

Bobby got in trouble yesterday for speaking his mind on air, he had a meeting with ideas to fix the situation and Bobby said it has been fixed. If he ever gets fired, he will begin working at Moe’s.

Floyd Mayweather Reading a “Heart Radio” Commercial

Bobby’s friend Charlamange sent him audio of Floyd Mayweather try to read an iHeart Radio commercial he was recording in support of hiring veterans. Floyd messed up often.

End of Show

Amy is spending the day in Houston with her mom, where her mom is getting treated in the hospital. Lunchbox is planning on having drinks, fun, and men’s league soccer starts Sunday. Bobby is going to dinner with an executive and going to the movies tomorrow. Eddie and Bobby give a shout out to Wichita for selling out their show.                   

Everyone say bye…BYE!